meet the heart and soul of fusion

Our collective group of Yoga and Fitness professionals give you a versatile selection of Classes and Styles to ensure every class you experience at Fusion Wellness is one of a kind. With smaller, intimate classes, we are able to commit to the best quality of teaching standards, where our community comes first. 


Helen Slade, @fusionwellnessstudio

Meet Helen, the owner of Fusion Wellness Studios. With over 20 years of Yoga and Wellness background, Helen created a space where like minding individuals could come, practice yoga in a supportive environment. The vision was simple, offering Health & Wellness to the beautiful Northumberland County, 15 years later, Fusion Wellness has gone from the first local yoga studio, to a Wellness collective. Offering everything from classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training. 

Helen and her husband Colin love to travel the world, and treat everyday like an adventure. Her positivity and kind energy translates in every class taught.



Diane Tremblay, 

Our wonderful Diane is a certified and experienced Kripalu hatha yoga teacher with expertise in restorative, prenatal and chair yoga for over 10 years. Diane has an enthusiasm for learning as well as an affinity with asana modifications to inspire students with a mindful, deeper yoga experience. Being attuned to the energy aspect of quiet yoga, pranayama and hand mudras, she embraces the teachings of Yin Yoga and its healing attributes to cater to all body types and levels, focusing on the deep connective tissues, the body’s meridians, and the contemplative mind.

As a certified practitioner of foot reflexology since 2004, Diane extended her studies to offer an Ayurveda approach for a deeper healing experience. She is also a certified Reiki and Quantum Touch practitioner, and enjoy the art of gardening and cooking.

Namaste _/l\_ ♥ , Diane


Sharon Ross

Our amazing Sharon Ross specializing in Restorative/ Yin yoga techniques. Sharon's poses are held for a longer time, while focusing of deep breathing, allowing effects of gravity to assist you to relax into the pose. Her joyful, cheery energy will ensure an immediate scene of calm. Experience the gentle yoga stylings of our very own Sharon Ross. 



Philippe Marsan, @earthseekerfitness

"My mission is to provide an excellent training and lifestyle inspiration for my clients.
I want to provide a more intimate experience with smaller groups, taking clients to beautiful places and experiencing the beauty of the world and of their own body's capacity. The training is real, it is hard at times, it doesn't lie. It puts you directly in contact with your strengths and weaknesses, but it also takes you places you might not have imagined. It shows you what you are meant to be, How far you can go. "



jes doucette, @earthboundbirth

"I am passionate about providing women with the support they need to enjoy the birth they want. Helping to guide them as they ease into parenthood with peace and joy. I take pride in educating and empowering women to really make informed choices when it comes to their birth. I love to raise newborn mothers up surrounded by support and love and send them off with the confidence to parent in a way that feels right for them. A doula can be like your favourite coach on the field, guiding you, teaching you and cheering you on. I started my journey to become a Maternal Support Practitioner when my youngest daughter was around 6 months old. With the MSP (doula) program well under way, and what felt like perfect timing, it only seemed natural to add infant sleep education, breastfeeding support and HypnoBirthing® Practitioner to my qualifications. With all of these qualifications under my hat I set out to build a practice grounded in Encouragement, Education and Empowerment for women and their family's to thrive in this time of momentous change. It is truly an honour to be a part of that."