teacher training & yoga retreats

Whether you practice yoga already or are interested in starting, our Yoga Retreats are an amazing way to escape the stresses of everyday life for an unforgettable weekend away. Certified through Yoga Alliance, Fuson Wellness offers Teacher Training on a semi-annual basis. 


certified teacher training

Becoming a certified Yoga Instructor can benefit your knowledge as well as passion for your practice. Whether you are in the Health & Wellness field, and want to add to your certifications.. Or perhaps you are just getting into practicing Yoga, and want to make it part of your everyday life, Yoga Teacher Training is ideal for people in various walks of life. Click below to find out when our next semester starts.


yoga retreats

Explore our beautiful province of Ontario while learning about Yoga Practice and wellness techniques. Fusion Wellness Retreats are meant to recharge the soul and find peace and balance within. While showing gratitude for nature with hikes and more! Food, accommodations and wellness itineraries are provided to make sure you experience total bliss on our Yoga Retreats. 


collective events

Finding others with the same passions as us is what community is all about. Join the Fusion Wellness Collective on Facebook today and see what free events were running! With events like Summer Solstice, walks in Northumberland Forest and more. Become part of the collective today!