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Bobbi Jo Ketcheson RYT500

Sat Feb 24th    12 - 2:30pm


Inversions have numerous benefits for emotional, physical, and mental health. They recirculate blood, lymph, and spinal fluids in the body, while bringing strength and awareness to the arms and shoulders. Practicing inversions brings peace of mind through enhanced balance and focus and many yogis consider them to be the fountain of youth. They also develop mental clarity for sharpness through increased blood circulation and oxygen to the brain. The workshop will begin with a vinyasa style flow class to warm up the body and transition into learning correct hand, arm, and shoulder placement to create a strong foundation for a safe arm balance and inversion practice.

Whether you're curious but a little nervous about balancing on your hands and would like some help as you start, or you've been working on them for a while but want to develop your skills and get over a plateau, this workshop will give you tools, knowledge and confidence to further this piece of your practice.

This all-levels workshop lead by Bobbi-Jo Ketcheson RYT500 will cover the fundamentals of arm balances and inversions in a relaxed, fun and safe environment. There will be props, tips and tricks, personal attention, and fun! Come with an open mind and a willingness to try. Be ready to surprise yourself as you learn to fly and discover your new capabilities!   CEC's for RYT200/300/500