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Indulge Your Senses
An Evening of Bliss: Chocolate Wine & Savoury Yoga
Valentines Evening Wed Feb 14th
7:30 - 9:30pm - $35 pp or $60 per couple
*max 10 spots available

Includes Everything Listed, including your take home customized massage oil blend.

Our sensory journey begins with a soothing guided meditation,
then we explore scent...arousing our scent sensors with an aromatherapy journey/session; infusing your own personal blend of organic essential oils combined with organic hemp massage oil...so we can better
experience loving touch with a nurturing gentle yoga - focusing on self or couples massage-therapeutic movements. applying your blend to rediscover key energy meridians. heated packs will be available
Next through soundas we experience the soothing effects of a few calming sounds, Tibetan bowls, mantras; feel more centered with these cleansing frequencies; so we can appreciate more
through sight; as you witness the soft flickering candles, we pause for a few moments of stillness, to align to our space & each other through authentically connecting, meditative gazing, feeling a deeper soul connection.
Finally through taste, tantalizing our taste buds - mindfully exploring a blend of chocolate dipped fruit, chocolate dipped wine glasses sample your choice of wines or bubbly* paired with your choice of decadent pure organic cocoa chocolate and other savoury treats* *vegan, non alcoholic options

Warning: You may experience heightened moments of bliss and euphoria