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  • Canada

Are you looking for more ways to optimize your health and wellness during your pregnancy? Trying to prepare for the big,

exciting day when your baby will arrive? Join us for a unique one-of-a-kind workshop where we will focus on preparing for your birth and how prenatal yoga can benefit your pregnancy, birth experience and postpartum healing. We will spend the first part of our workshop going through everything you need to know about the stages of labour, comfort measures for each stage, your options for birth, and the first days with your newborn. Including breastfeeding, infant sleep, healing after birth and more. We will then move through a prenatal yoga session as you learn about poses for relieving pregnancy discomforts, poses to prep your body and mind for birth, modifications to safely continue your practice during every trimester of your pregnancy and how to make prenatal yoga a regular practice during this exciting chapter of your life. Moms and birth partners are welcome to attend this session.