• Fusion Wellness Studio (map)
  • 12 Elgin Street East
  • Cobourg, ON, K9A 0C5
  • Canada

With Pro Photographer Cindy Taylor.

You will discover ways to set up a beautiful spiritual portrait and establish a comfortable rapport as you capture intimate and revealing moments of your subject’s true character. Cindy will walk you through the photographic challenges of emotionally connecting with your subject. This hands-on portrait photography workshop builds on the foundation of using traditional natural light, with beautiful lighting styles and natural posing. We will explore more relaxed, candid & contemporary portraiture. Students will be guided through the process of building rapport to produce creative and compelling portraits (model will be provided) to reveal both their inner beauty while complementing the outside beauty to its’ best advantage.. We will spend time emotionally connecting to the client & the vision of the photograph to produce the most compelling and emotional portraits. No experience necessary. Includes drinks & snacks.

“To see beauty is a gift, to know beauty is the truth” Cindy Taylor