class Descriptions

We strive to customize classes for all levels, though we do encourage you to read through the class descriptions, as each class has offers something different for our community and every teacher provides a different energy and technique. Get to know Fusion Wellness Studio today! 

new to fusion yoga? 


Our unlimited month for new students allows a stress free approach to trying out all of our offered classes, its an amazing way to experience all that we have to offer, on your schedule. Once your unlimited month is over, you will have a better idea of what classes are ideal for you, and timing that works best. Come see the value of smaller class sizes, one-on-one teacher care and access to all of the classes below!  


newest classes:


*NEW* hatha yoga for moms & tots 

Yoga for Moms and Tots is a great way to get out of the house and teach your children the importance of physical fitness and self awareness. Kids (just like adults) benefit immensely from Yoga in many ways. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.



*NEW* prenatal yoga 

Our Prenatal Yoga class focuses on reducing stress and the anxieties that you may be faced with. Learn key breathing techniques and various gentle postures that allow you to increase your inner strength, flexibility and connect with key muscles that will be needed for child birth. Benefits include decreasing lower back pain, nausea, headaches, shortness of breath and so much more.




Nia, which stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action, is the most advanced form of fusion fitness, blending martial arts, healing arts, dance, and spiritual self-healing to create a high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match.


our classes:


gentle somatic yoga 

This class is a movement therapy that emphasizes internal physical perception and breath attention. A gentle approach of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles. Expect to feel calm and a deep sense of well-being.



This class is great for all levels, Cathy's Restorative Yoga incorporates 5-6 key poses to help keep your body aligned and restored. Holding these poses with the support of props like chairs, boulsters and more.  


hatha yoga & Hatha Level 2

This Hatha class has two levels, one is open to all levels of practice and two is more advanced. Practicing Asanas postures and Pranayama breathing techniques, Sharon emphasizes the physical movements for the body to find inner strength and mental clairity. 



Feel energized after this fun upbeat class integrating yoga and yang's stability and strength allow you to enhance your yin relaxing, fluid energy. Enjoy this fusion style class to enhance your balance, build - tone muscles and lengthen through traditional yoga poses - this class is best for those with good body awareness. Challenging and exhilarating!


tai chi for beginners 

Translated, Tai Chi means Supreme Ultimate Force. Discover your inner strength with gentle, harmonious movements and breathing technique. Gain patience and clarity in this beginners style class.  


yin somatic yoga 

This practice combines (yang) gentle Somatic movement sequences to release long-held muscular tension before transitioning into yin postures, which are held 2 to 5 min to encourage the slow and safe lengthening of connective tissues, while observing with the breath and sensations.

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Breakout of the ordinary with this Primal Flow class taught by Helen Slade. Incorporating various techniques and styles, with spirited movement, meant to awaken the soul and invigorate the body. 


athletica with love yoga 

Move, Explore, Play...improve flexibility, build strength and body awareness as you flow to uplifting music linking movement to breath. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and have fun! 


Chakra yoga 

Activate and balance your chakras with this invigorating new class that focuses on pranic energy. Using continuous energy, prana in motion, creating vibrations specifically designing to open and elign your chakras. 



A series of sequences for strength and balance with warm up and cool.

This class is all about individuality and true self! Our focus will be on each person's individual journey of yoga and honouring their unique process.



Chant. Move. Meditate... a Kundalini inspired class based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, this practice asks you to be present and experience the mind/body connection in a very different way. All levels are welcome.